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1 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

April 20 2015
April 20 2015


Need a minute for yourself, your health, your sanity? Follow along to learn a simple one minute mindfulness exercise to bring you into the present moment, quiet the mind and connect with the world around you.

First…. Choose a sound which grabs your attention as a reminder to integrate a minute for your meditation. One that brings a smile to your face. It can be a random sound, for instance, a plane passing overhead, or perhaps the ringing of the church bells each hour. Alternately,  you may choose to make it intentional by setting a gentle chime on your phone. Choose a sound you enjoy, something that immediately brings pleasure to the mind.

Second… When you hear your reminder, stop what you are doing and bring your awarness to the breath. Begin to elongate your inhale, drawing breath into the belly, feeling the ribs expand along the horizon, fill the lungs all the way up, allowing the heart rise and then slowly exhale, releasing the breath completely.

Third… Continue to breath deeply for two more rounds of breath and take in the world around you. Near a window? Open it, listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air, take in the sights and the sounds. Bring your attention to the details. Color of the sky, buds on the branches of the trees. Simplicity is key. Bring in any part of your environment which elicits feelings of happiness as you breath deep into the body.

That’s it. A simple technique which creates a centered calmness for the mind and nourishes the spirit. Practice it often and see what happens. = )


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