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12 Things that Happen during an Intense Workout = )

April 13 2015
April 13 2015


No matter how fit you are, a hard workout is meant to change both your body and your mind. Leaving behind nothing but sweat and self pride. If this sounds like your workout experiences we bet you will relate to the Be Well List.

  1. You look at the clock and realize you are only 5 minutes into class.
  2. You (brilliantly) tie your shoes so you can have a break.
  3. You hope no one notices your workout face,
  4. or your Darth Vader Breathing.
  5. You focus on the music playing for motivation or distraction.
  6. Three words: Weird, Sweat, Stains.
  7. You can’t stop blinking the sweat out of your eyes.
  8. Water is miraculously the BEST THING EVER,
  9. until it starts sloshing around in your stomach during the next exercise!
  10. You live for that intense burn in your muscles
  11. You got a sudden surge of super human energy,
  12. and you finally get the feeling of victory that makes it all worth it!

Whether you relate to all of these or just a few, make sure you find the fun in your Fitness Regime and in life!

Be Well = )


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