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Q&A with Michelle Gregory; Yoga + Weights

September 21 2017
September 21 2017
What are some of the benefits to practicing yoga with weights?

Adding weights builds muscle mass and helps retain bone density. It definitely makes you engage your core. The weights help with a deeper sense of physical grounding to the earth that draws you into your center. Allowing you to feel more confident when coming into a balance posture.

How does adding weights to yoga improve your practice?

I find it helps with coordination and alignment, confidence. You become very aware of how you are moving when you have wieghts in your hands, so it creates greater overall awareness of whats going on in your body.

What are some misconceptions one might have when adding weights?

Right away people think it’s going to be too hard. I remind everyone that they have the choice to amp it up or tone it down remembering its yoga. Listen to your body and breath as your guide. Weights or no weights you’re strengthening, engaging and doing your body well.

What attracted you to adding weighs to your own practice?

I like a challenge and changing things up so my practice doesn’t become a routine. Being open to new ideas keeps me fresh. Just by adding a little weight I could feel the difference in my alignment, core strength and my breath. My confidence level was lifted and I learned not to take myself so serious. I started to feel stronger and leaner all while having fun with my practice.

YOGA + WEIGHTS WEDNESDAYS @ 9:15am  - All Levels welcOMe!


Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.38.10 PM Michelle Gregory, YTT-200hr has been cultiving a personal practice since 2006 and began teaching yoga in 2012. "When I step onto my mat all is possible. There is a sense of peace that comes over me, an ease that I was always searching for, but could never find. Yoga opens my heart, calms my mind so I’m able to grow and look within to find my truth. Combining Breath, Movement, and Meditation I’m able to surrender completely and find inner peace."


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