Experiencing Holiday Frenzy? Antidote? Yoga.

December 08 2014
December 08 2014


Our lives have a new layer of busy in the month of December. As if our normal schedules are not busy enough, now we have additional commitments, responsibilities, and distractions making it even more challenging to stay awake and present so we don’t miss the true gift of the season. December is one of if not the busiest month of the year, but not always in yoga classes.

The tendency is to replace our practice with the additional frenzy telling ourselves we don’t have time for yoga. Fatigue, financial, emotional, and physical stresses are a few of the season’s side effects making us feel grumpy, moody and blue. I think for most people the intention is to find the joy of the season, we unfortunately lose the connection with our breath, practice, and ourselves.

Yoga is the antidote to the frenzy. It alleviates stress in the mind/body, calms and centers the mind.  Find more peace and energy this season by staying committed to your practice. Allow yourself space to connect with you and your breath.   In giving time to ourselves we are better able to give more graciously to others this season. Take more than a few moments to still, breathe and become aware of the sensation of breath as it moves freely through your body. Give YOURSELF a gift this year. Namaste.

Note from Studio: Jen offers Rockin’ Vinyasa Flow on Mondays @ 9:30 and Strengthen your Core Yoga on Wednesdays. She also offers Spa Yoga as a workshop once a month at Be Well Studios. To learn more about Jen’s schedule visit her site @ JenMuphyYoga.com


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