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Kids / Teen Yoga

Fall SESSION BEGINS October 2017


Registration Required - 12 Students per Class       Schedule TBA mid-September


1ST-3RD GRADE    -  4TH-6TH GRADE    -   7TH-9TH GRADE



Inspired by Little Flower Yoga methodolgy and The School Yoga Project,  our teachers combine Yoga and Mindfulness practices structured around the following five elements.

CONNECT: Connect activities help children tune in and make sense of their experiences. They are practices that are used to develop mindful awareness of both the external world and the internal emotional state.

BREATHE: The breath is one of the most powerful tools for self-regulation. Breathing activities help children learn to reduce anxiety, stabilize energy, and create a sense of safety and peace in the body.

MOVE: Move activities are based on yoga postures that help children maintain a state of alert engagement, where hyperactive behavior is minimized but the child still feels strong and energetic.

FOCUS: The Focus activities in this program provide deliberate exercises that teach children how to apply their focus in a step-by-step way, allowing for progressive improvement and experiences of success.

RELAX: The final element of our program, Relax gives children tools for rest, relaxation, and restoration. Exhaustion is common in children, and we know that being tired makes everything else, including paying attention, much harder. These activities teach ways to rejuvenate even when you aren’t sleeping.


We heartily encourage an open door policy of honest, frequent communication. If you are unsure about something, curious to learn more, or just have general questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are excited to support your family!