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Massage Relieves Pain After Exercise

March 21 2015
March 21 2015


Maybe you are training for the Boston Marathon, maybe you are dusting off the treadmill, or perhaps you have just signed up for 6 weeks of Unlimited Classes with the Be Well Challenge? = )  In any case, Massage Therapy will help achieve the goals you have set this Spring by relieving muscle fatigue and reducing inflammation caused by exercise.

Research through the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario indicates that massage therapy reduces inflammation of skeletal muscle acutely damaged through exercise. The study provides evidence for the benefits of massage therapy for those with musculoskeletal injuries and potentially for those with inflammatory disease, according to the lead author of the research.  The study found evidence at the cellular level that massage therapy may affect inflammation in a way similar to anti-inflammatory medications.

How great is that? Relief from pain without the side effects of medication! Use Massage Therapy to prevent injuries, stay in the game and feel good getting to the finish line.  Read more @ Massage Therapy Research Roundup

*J. D. Crane, D. I. Ogborn, C. Cupido, S. Melov, A. Hubbard, J. M. Bourgeois, M. A. Tarnopolsky, Massage Therapy Attenuates Inflammatory Signaling After Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage. Sci. Transl. Med. 4, 119ra13 (2012).


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