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Private Spa Steam

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a 20 minute Hot Steam. A great addition to your massage, Yoga Class or even on it's own! Aromatherapy oils may be added at your discretion: peppermint is great for congestion, lavender is the best choice for stress relief.

Benefits of Steam:
A Spa Steam assists the body's cleansing processes, helping to eliminate the built up of toxins through sweating. Some sources indicate that as many as 30% of the accumulated toxins in the body may be eliminated through a steam session. By increasing blood flow to the skin, steam provides relief from muscle soreness almost immediately, attesting to its effectiveness. Steam helps to relieve upper respiratory discomfort, inflammation & congestion. The sedative effects of steam heat generate feelings of calmness and relaxation; the perfect way to unwind and treat your self well in the midst of your busy life.