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My Experience with Kripalu Yoga

January 29 2016
January 29 2016


People often ask me about Kripalu yoga. What is it? How do you pronounce it? I love these questions and to share what I know about this unique practice.

Kripalu is pronounced KRI PAH LOO and means BEING COMPASSIONATE.

About fifteen years ago I was looking for something to help me ease pretty severe anxiety. So I went yoga and meditation shopping. Ashtanga, Iyengar, Bikram…I tried them all. And then it happened…I met a teacher in Cambridge who taught classes in the back of a tiny bookstore… her style spoke to me, moved me, grounded me and I knew I needed this in my life. She told me it was Kipalu yoga and I was hooked.

I think what I love about Kripalu is that it’s the connection of body, mind and spirit on and off the mat. It emphasizes compassionate self-acceptance and observation without judgment. It’s a practice where you can challenge yourself or back off when you need to. It allows you to explore your edge and find your true authentic self. I found this to be so liberating, especially during that period in my life.

In my classes there is a very strong emphasis on warm ups and an invitation to move freely in a dance-like motion with the breath. Some days we may hold the postures for quite some time to see what sensations arise. Or we may take apart a posture and walk through it focusing on alignment and modifications.

I love how yoga makes me feel. I love teaching yoga and inviting students to become a witness to the needs of their body and honor what it is saying. I love how Kripalu embraces all body types, ages and fitness levels. You can never be too new, too out of shape or too old for Kripalu. No two bodies are alike so no two triangles (trikonasanas) will ever look the same. And how beautiful is that? Like all Be Well teachers I want to provide a safe environment. So don’t be surprised if I’m assisting you or reminding you that shoulders aren’t earmuffs.

What I learned 15 years ago is still true today. All styles of yoga offer something different. You just need to find the practice that speaks to you. Kripalu was the right yoga for me. And it’s my pleasure to help you discover how it can be right for you too.

Laura Griffin I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

Jai Bhagwan (Namaste)


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