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Winter Reboot: Nourish Your Body, Mind and Spirit

February 13 2014
February 13 2014


Hippocrates, in teaching the doctors of his day, said, “Consider the seasons of the year and what each of them produces.”
In the winter, we detox differently than at other times of the year, aiming to nourish and strengthen the body. Winter is the time to go inward, to connect with our ourselves, reflect, rest and replenish. Some animals hibernate, and we humans have a similar instinct to slow down, we just don’t always act on that instinct. In Winter, nature appears at rest, replenishing itself for rebirth in Spring. If we follow with the seasons, winter is the time to allow for stillness and just be, to nurture and nourish.

In Chinese Medicine, each season’s detox supports a different organ, emotion, and a different way to cleanse the body. For the winter season, we honor the organs within our bodies that give us energy, life, and vitality: the kidneys and adrenal glands. The element associated with these organs is water.  By eating seasonal foods and honoring the seasonal elements, we intuitively bring our bodies back into balance.

In Western medicine we know that the kidneys regulate water metabolism and stabilize the heart and blood pressure. According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys are your energy source, also known as your vital Qi (pronounced “chee”). Kidneys store our life essence, govern reproduction and growth, maintain bones and brains, control the flow of urine and keep our willpower strong. Kidneys are vital to every other organ system. Many people are suffering a deep depletion of Kidney Qi as a result of overwork, stress, or excessive lifestyles. This depletion of energy is the equivalent of our gas tank running on empty or adrenal fatigue. The following symptoms are associated with weak kidney function:

Low back pain
Dark circles under eyes
The afternoon 4 pm crash
Cold hands and feet
Poor circulation
Thyroid dysfunction
Dry Skin
Hormonal imbalances
Low sex drive
Difficulty concentrating
Digestive disorders
Sleep problems- especially if you wake at 4 am

Nourishing your body with the whole foods in my Winter Reboot, you will strengthen and support your vital energy force. The exercises included in my Winter Reboot Tool Kit will nourish your mind and spirit by helping you to release the emotions that are related to the kidneys:  fear and anxiety. When we release fear, we step into power, again strengthening our vital Qi, or life force.

During my 15-day Winter Reboot you will also be removing the foods you may be eating that are weakening your adrenal glands, such as excessive amounts of coffee, processed foods, sugar, white flour, dairy, and gluten. Stress also negatively affects the adrenals. The exercises in my Winter Reboot Tool Kit, as well as my daily support, will help you discover and address these areas of tension.

Are you ready to join me in this 15 day journey and learn how to nourish your body, mind and spirit this winter?

FEB. 26TH @ 7:00 p.m.  ~  $129


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