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Oncology Care Testimonials

There is no greater referral than one's own experience - J. Jensen

Dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy can be uncomfortable and frustrating, so when I went to my first oncology massage session with Ginny, I was looking for mental and physical relief and understanding. I knew as soon as I sat down with Ginny that she was special and embodied the genuine respect, caring and presence that I was hoping for. Each visit provided a time to review how I was feeling at that moment and a plan to optimize the benefits of my massage. I ALWAYS felt so much better afterward and Ginny was the key. I would recommend her to anyone going through cancer treatment! She is such a blessing. 


Oncology Massage Client - Collen M.

Working with Ginny has changed my life. She and her amazing oncology massage techniques have helped me find new ways of healing and being at peace. Ginny is remarkably kind, intuitive, and knowledgable. She has taken great care to get to know me, my history, and ways to improve my range of motion and ease my pain. Her gentleness and humor create an amazingly warm and welcoming oasis that has become a cornerstone of my healing. I recommend Ginny and Be Well with the greatest enthusiasm!


Oncology Massage Client - Paula J.

He was a man who balked at the luxuries women enjoy, massage, manicures, pedicures etc. But his first session with you was eye opening for him. He felt at peace, calm and I believe the value of a talented human touch, provided him with a sense of well being, even as he was fighting this terrible disease. He very much looked forward to his visits and even shared his story with family and friends to let them know how much the oncology massage helped him, both physically and mentally. In fact we had a party for neighbors and friends before we left Marshfield and I had booked him a session with you on that morning...boy did he feel good all day long! 


Caretaker - Margo D.

Spiritually, my partner was an absolute rock star throughout her battle with cancer. Physically, however, it was another story. Ginny's oncology massages were a priceless gift to both of us throughout the whole process, as they were a consistent way for my partner to feel good even as she felt so terrible. Ginny's thoughtful check-ins, selfless and total presence, and expert massage skills have been an irreplaceable part of the healing process, for which I am eternally grateful. 



My daughter, Emma, was diagnosed with a high grade glioblastoma in 2014. She was 17 years old at the time. After surgery, radiation and while enduring months of chemotherapy Ginny Vickers provided months of weekly massage therapy for Emma. Week after week, Emma would arrive at Be Well sore, nauseous, tense and afraid. In 60 minutes she would emerge a quietly serene young woman. She would look better and feel better for a solid 48 hours...which when going through chemo is akin to a mini vacation.

In addition to Emma receiving treatment, Emma’s siblings received therapeutic massage from Ginny with similar results. As parents, Bob and I were given the greatest gift of all: the knowledge that our children were pain free and cared for by a wonderful and skilled woman. Thank you Ginny. 


Caretaker - Kathy H.

Oncology massages with Ginny have been powerful for my 10 year old daughter. Ginny has a kind voice and is an incredible listener. Due to heavy doses of steroids, my daughter does not sleep very well and is left with unbearable pain in her joints. After a session with Ginny, she sleeps much better and feels less pain in her joints. Ginny is a healer. The tranquility she is able to assist my daughter with is priceless. 


Caretaker - Michelle K.